Greek passion ('pathos') is the foundation of our brand.   From the Spartan soil to the American palette, our focus is on all steps of production, from proper pruning and harvesting, resulting in the purity and quaility of our extra-virgin olive oil.    The evidence is in the euphoric experience of taste.
The olive oil hails from the region of Laconia in Greece, which is associated with a particularly optimal microclimate, soil, and olive variety indigenous to this area, which marry together to produce a uniquely special product. 
It is well recognized within the olive oil industry that Greek olive oil has an important competitive advantage given its superior quality
relative to olive oils being produced in other Mediterranean countries. Eighty percent of the olive oil produced in Greece is virgin olive oil. This percentage is the highest in the Mediterranean area. 

Since ancient times, olive oil has been an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. This tradition persists, and public health science has been supporting the benefits of olive oil is a superior alternative to other vegetable oils and fats. Tradition and science collectively provide a basis that drives our passion in promoting Greek olive oil from Laconia. 
Our olive oil, in the spirit of other olive oils in Laconia region, is based on a tremendous focus in improving harvesting and production conditions and exercising control over the successive steps on the path to producing the purest extra-virgin olive oil.
Spartas Best Olive Oil brings 100% pure extra virign olive oil from Greece directly to you. 
Ideal for consumers who recognize good quality and value the health benefits of extra virign olive oil.
Perfect to share with friends and family or give as a gift.